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Senior Modelling Specialist


Job description

We're on the hunt for a Risk Modeller to join our growing team. It may not be the sexiest job title, but if you're a risk modeller or an econometrician who loves risk management, and you have experience in banking, credit models and the financial sector then this role could really float your boat!

What does the role involve?

Over the last few years we've developed a suite of statistical and non-statistical lending risk models that are being used to drive our lending processes and help manage our customers through the credit lifecycle. There are also a set of models for capital calculation, stress tests, and informing business processes and policies. This role focuses on building new models to support changing requirements and the continual development and calibration of existing models, as the bank and economy move and grow.

This dynamic role gives you the opportunity to use and develop a range of skills. You'll get to flex your muscles as a modeller; make magic happen as a mathematician; corral information as a data wrangler; and even be a bit of a developer too! This is a real opportunity to get in at the early stages of some models and ensure that cutting edge best practices are applied.

We could see this role evolving to have some supervision responsibilities, so if the chance to step on to the management ladder is in your career goals this may be the opportunity.

Our Kiwibank culture…

You'll be joining a small, highly respected, fast moving and very capable Model Development team where you'll get to work within the wider risk function to support business goals. But it's not all work and no play; we're a supportive and friendly bunch that, from time to time, like to unwind over dinner or drinks together.

So, if you know you have what it takes to deliver in this dynamic role, you're more interested in the challenge than the job title, and you want to be part of a business that is all about Kiwis Making Kiwis Better Off, then we'd love to hear from you… Apply Now!

This position is preferably located in Auckland, but for the right candidate we may be able to consider Wellington as a location.

Don't delay, applications close at 9pm on Thursday 22 February.

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